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“Dogs are not
our whole life
They make our life whole”

— Roger Caras














Paw Perspectives' Services

Paw Perspectives is a resource for dog owners, prospective dog owners, and animal caregivers (veterinarians and staff, groomers, trainers, kennels, …)—providing light, insightful “discovery” sessions that will enable participants to better understand and communicate with their canine pals.

These sessions also include recommendations for changing canine or human behaviour to further enhance the relationship…and lots of Q&A time.

Private Discovery Sessions are scheduled to accommodate your schedule. Ideal for individuals, couples or families, these can be at your home or a mutually-convenient location, and will be tailored to your specific situation—whether you have a dog or are getting one and want to “Talk Canine.”

Paw PerspectivesPublic and Group Discovery Sessions are also offered throughout the year in different areas of Canada for the public, or you may want to get your own group together with co-workers or friends for a “private” group session.


At a Paw Perspectives Discovery Session, you will receive a workbook, which the facilitator will walk you through, one-step-at-a-time.

The session includes some self-discovery time with tools to help determine your own personality “colour” or “colour spectrum.”

Then the facilitator will also help you explore the personality colours of the dogs you own or are considering owning.

There will be plenty of time for Q&A, including advice for avoiding or dealing with undesirable dog behaviours.

The workbook is yours to keep and includes resources to assist you along the path—enhancing the relationship between you and your dog.

For Animal Caregiver sessions, the facilitator will also discuss how the personality type insight can help with inter-personal communications as well as canine-human relationships—equipping these professionals with skills to work better with each other and their human clients.