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FACT: “Incompatibility” with the owners is the “reason” for millions of dogs being surrendered to shelters each year.* IT DOESN’T HAVE TO BE THAT WAY!

FACT: For more than 100 years, scholars (including Carl Jung) have studied personality types and created interactive programs (such as Personality Dimensions®, Myers & Briggs, and True Colors®) to help people identify personality colour types in themselves and others. The purpose of these programs is to help people better understand individuals’ emotions and behaviours, and to develop effective communication strategies for the four different “types”—green, gold, blue, and orange.

FACT: Dogs, like people, have many of the same personality traits that allow them to be categorized by these “colours”—giving owners better insight for “understanding” and communicating with their four-legged friends.

FACT: Paw Perspectives is a resource for dog owners, prospective dog owners, and animal caregivers (veterinarians and staff, groomers, kennels, …)—providing light, insightful “discovery” sessions. The company was founded in 2012 by Janet Reschke, with the hopes of reducing the number of “surrenders” to shelters and to help dog owners maximize the relationship with their canine pals.

*Source: National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy

Dog Lover, Educator, Entrepreneur, Janet ReschkeAbout the Owner, Janet Reschke

Dog Lover…Educator…Entrepreneur

Born into a family that not only loved dogs, but that owned a dog-boarding kennel in Ontario, Janet had an opportunity to get to know a variety of dogs, instead of just a few family pets over a lifetime…like most of us.

Enjoying her “work” with the family biz, Janet not only developed a huge fondness for dogs, but she learned to respect them and was fascinated by their unique personalities.

One aspect particularly intrigues her to this day—the similarities of temperaments within breeds, but vast differences among breeds.

With a fondness for English and Gordon Setters, Janet and her sister started showing their family’s dogs in Canadian Kennel Club shows—learning from their cousin who was a professional dog handler and respected dog judge and breeder in the US.

In addition to years of experience in the canine world, Janet is a certified facilitator with Personality Dimensions® and Retire to the Life You Design©—two of several programs she offers through Creative Learning Group.

The insight she gained from these programs, combined with her interest in dog personalities, prompted a “light bulb moment” for this high-energy entrepreneur.

She thought: Why not combine the personality-based coaching and training for individuals and organizations, with documented personality-typing around breeds, to create a business that will help dog owners enhance the relationship with their dogs and/or help prospective dog owners select a breed or mix that will be most compatible with their personalities and lifestyle?

And so, Paw Perspectives was born in 2012.

And if that wasn't enough, at the request of neighbors and friends who know her love of animals and experience with dogs in particular, Janet added Pet & House Sitting to her list of services. Joined by her finally-retired husband, Gary, Janet and Gary are available to travel and house/pet sit when their schedule permits.