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Are you an "Inquisitive Green" or possibly a "Solid Gold"? Or, maybe you're a "True Blue" or "Versatile Orange."

How about your four-legged companion that loves to exercise and play any time, any where? Maybe she's a "versatile orange" or "inquisitive green."

Intrigued?  Well, read on...

Paw Perspectives offers light, yet insightful discovery sessions intended to help dog owners, prospective dog owners, veterinary offices, and dog-care professionals.

In a Paw Perspectives session, you will discover your "colour" or colour spectrum, based on the years of research incorporated into personality-trait programs, such as Personality Dimensions® and True Colors®. These programs have traditionally been used to provide insight and training strategies for individuals and organizations seeking enhanced relationships and communication skills.

You will also learn about the personality trait "colours" in the canine world. This insight will allow you to more effectively communicate with your dog (including how to avoid or correct undesirable canine or human behaviours) or ... provide valuable information to choose the most compatible companion for you and
your family.

Ready to speak canine?

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More than 40% of dogs that
are abandoned or surrendered
to shelters are simply cases of
incompatibility between the
dog and his/her owner.*

It doesn't have to be this way!

*Source: National Council on Pet Population Study and Policy